Seating Foam from Proseat

The better the seat, the better the ride. In designing our seats, we always have the passenger’s comfort and ‘’in-car-experience’’ in mind as well as the minimization of emission characteristics. This is why we make great demands of our foams and climate seats regarding comfort, functionality and safety, using innovative materials and self-developed formulations to fulfill these demands. Each of our locations that produce PUR moulded foam is able to create and process individually blended material formulations.

Proseat seat foams and climate seat

Front Seat Foams

for active and passive climate control

Rear Seat Foams

optimized comfort, Premium SUV

Front Seat Foams

optimized comfort, Premium SUV

Front Seat Pad

multizone foam

Research and Development

Our products are developed, validated and produced in close cooperation with our customers, using modern technologies, software solutions and manufacturing know-how.

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Working at Proseat

As "one company - one team - one goal" we strive to develop our business, our teams and individuals. In order to achieve this we encourage and support our team members to collaborate, to take ownership, personal development and promote diversity.

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